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Domestic cleaner job vacancies

As a coordinator I aim for a smooth rendition of services.

We have daily vacancies all throughout the Netherlands.

Home Works arranges domestic cleaning. We are always looking for domestic workers for several vacancies. New customers register daily, in all areas of the Netherlands.

We would like to stress that we will never ask you to pay for your registration. We stress this, because some employment agencies ask for a registration fee.

You will work according to the Ruling Services at the residence (Regeling Dienstverlening aan huis). Additionally Home Works provides for certain options to ensure carefree and enjoyable working conditions.


In contrary to certain employment agencies, at Home Works you are fully assisted in your work. A personal coordinator schedules your addresses, and remains in constant contact with you and your customers. When your customer is away on holiday, we can provide you with a replacement addres, in order for you to keep a steady income. When you yourself go on holiday or a not feeling well, we arrange fill-in cleaners for your customers. If any problems arise, we are there for you and your customer to mediate. Or if you don't feel comfortable at a cleaning address, we arrange a new address for you. When we distribute the available cleaning addresses, we prioritise the domestic cleaners that have worked longest for Home Works, ensuring continuity.

Working hours

You indicate your preferences for your schedule. You also indicate how many hours you would like to work. At Home Works we have vacancies from 1 hour cleaning per week up to 40 hours of cleaning per week. We will gradually build up your hours. Should a customer decide to end services, we will provide you with a new cleaning address. New vacancies will then be appointed to you.

Salary per hour

You will earn at a minimum € 11,85 per hour worked. With one time cleanings you will earn € 13,70 and as a garden help you will earn € 13,05 per hour worked. Around the 20th of every month you register your hours worked in your online account. A couple of days later your wages will be on your bankaccount and you will receive your pay slip.

Following the government ruling that we work with you are not obliged to take on insurance. Home Works can however provide you with possible insurances should you wish to make us of them. You can activate or disactivate saving options in your online account. If you don't want to make us of the saving options, the entire hourly salary will be paid.

For example:
  1. Savings for sickness for the first 6 weeks of sickness
  2. A workers compensation insurance via the UWV (Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) for sickness after 6 weeks
  3. Savings for holiday
  4. Savings for leave
  5. Insurance covering unemployment benefit (WW) via the UWV
  6. Insurance covering the health insurance act (WIA) via the UWV
  7. Savings for taxes (income tax and Insurance Act premium)

Because it's a competitive market and because there are a lot of domestic workers that work without declaring to the tax authorities, we need to make sure our rates are as low as possible. We are therefore very selective in what we spend money on. For example, we spend money on advertising, a yearly dinner with domestic workers, a salary increase for all domestic workers. But we don't provide with a christmas gift box. We rather invest this money directly in our domestic workers and our services.

Benefits Home Works

Home Works aims to organise domestic services as smoothly as possible for both the customers as the domestic workers. This is reflected in the daily work of our office employees that are there for you to assist you and the customer. It is also reflected in the careful selection of domestic workers and the matching process for customers and domestic workers.

What happens after you have registered at our website?

When you register, you receive a link to access our online system. There you can fill-in all the details that you consider important to mention. Taking this information into account, our coordinators will see if they can match you to a customer. We cannot give an estimate unfortunately of how long it will take to make a succesfull match. In some areas of the Netherlands the request for domestic workers is less than in other areas. But as soon as you start to work for Home Works, we will try to fill your schedule.

When there are no current job vacancies in your area, we will contact you periodically per email to inform if you wish to remain registered at our website. Subsequently, if you do not click on the link in the sent email, your account will be disactivated.

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